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Pointers in the Right Direction

18. December 2021|Categories: coding|

Pointers in the Right Direction Now that movement works I'd like to have a bit more convenience when navigating the map. So I want to add a minimap to the square area next to the character portraits. I would like to have it slowly reveal when [...]

Moving Right Along…

14. December 2021|Categories: coding|

Moving Right Along... Ok let's make it all a bit more interactive. I want to add the typical WASD + QE controls for moving around in the dungeon map. Using the Kernal To keep things simple I will use the Kernal functions to register [...]

A Players Position

13. December 2021|Categories: coding|

A Players Position Now that I can draw inside the 3d viewport I have to think about how to do so in relation to the players position on a map. Setting up a map The first thing I need is a map. So I [...]

A Dungeon with a View

1. December 2021|Categories: coding|

A Dungeon with a View After I have proven I can put something from a tilesets on screen lets take it up a notch. Using the dungeon tileset I created earlier I want to fill the 3d view with a preset view. So let's take what [...]


30. November 2021|Categories: coding|

Tiles Now that the ui is on screen I'd like to fill it with something. Sometime ago I did a tileset for character potraits so let's take that and find a way to get it on screen. Importing the file First off I export [...]


28. November 2021|Categories: coding|

Bitmapping This time I want to output a little bit more than just "Hello World!" onto the screen. I did a design for the ui I'd like to use in the game with Multipaint. A great little program that allows the user to pixel paint using [...]

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