Story Outline

The Story starts in the late 19th century on a steam powered ocean liner on its way across the great atlantic ocean. The voyage started out pretty normal and with nothing out of the ordinary for crew and ship.

Suddenly, about three days into its passage, a storm darkened the sky along the horizon. But this was not any storm neither the crew nor captain had ever seen. The sky took on a dark purple hue and something akin to Saint Elmo’s fire seemed to cover the entire ship. Amidst the howling winds and roaring see a vortex of green glowing energy appeared and begins to suck the whole ship and every soul abord into its gaping maw.

After a frightening journey through space and time the ship slammed into the ground of some unknown alien landscape.

This is the situation you find yourself in at the start of the game. Recruit a band of five amongst the survivors (either pre generated or created by you) and try to survive these unknown lands and find your way home.

Game Concepts

The game is a party based pseudo 3d dungeon crawler for the Commodore 64. It is an old school turnbased romp with some modern touches. For example you won’t need to buy stacks of expensive graphpaper to master this quest as the game includes an automap feature. It is completely playable by Keyboard or Mouse.


Your main goal will be to explore the alien lands you find yourself in and lead your party to escape back to your own world. You will face strange creatures and converse with the peculiar inhabitants.